Physician symposiums are opening up dialogue regarding the role of cannabis in healthcare. In April, 2017, the University of South Florida’s College of Pharmacy gathered doctors and other healthcare providers to a meeting to learn about the advances being made in cannabis research. Michael Dor, medical director of the Israeli Ministry of Health’s Medical Cannabis […]

For the most part, the Florida state legislation relating to medical marijuana is wrapped up within Amendment 2. The legislation includes the guidelines and protocols that govern how medical marijuana is regulated within the state of Florida. While the legislation specifically identifies which diseases are approved for treatment with medical marijuana, the language in the […]

Amendment 2 refers to the formal amendment that was placed before Florida voters in 2016 addressing the legalization of medical marijuana. Amendment 2 was not as all-encompassing as some other state amendments that have legalized the medical use of marijuana. Yet, it did widen the scope of treatable illnesses as well as provide a mechanism […]

There are a variety of recognized as well as anecdotal medical applications that marijuana is used for. The primary medical treatments at the moment focus on the known effects of marijuana which relate to its influence on appetite and its calming effects. However, there are other emergent medical applications as well. The recognized and emergent […]

The rationale in support of medical marijuana is fairly well established. Medical uses of marijuana have a long tradition throughout human history. Marijuana has its first identified use approximately 10 thousand years ago in hemp production which was used for cord and rope making purposes. Subsequently, China was one of the first established nations to […]