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All members of our team believe in the compassionate use of cannabis and we are committed to medical research of cannabis. One of Bella Sol’s primary goals is to develop innovative cannabis products that can replace traditional opioids.

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By unlocking the immense therapeutic potential within naturally-grown cannabis, Bella Sol Wellness Centers is creating safe, reliable treatments that support your health and well-being.

Coopersville, MI 49404 Area Marijuana Dispensary

Bella Sol Wellness is a Muskegon, MI-based recreational (adult-use ’21+’) marijuana dispensary (cannabis store) that proudly serves customers from Coopersville, MI 49404 49441.


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Bella Sol Wellness proudly serves the Coopersville, MI 49404 community handling all cannabis needs. Check out our reviews to see what your Coopersville, MI 49404 neighbors are saying about us!

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